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zathura1965 on 17. August 2018.
Not in sync with 720p either.
zathura1965 on 17. August 2018.
Not in
vaultdweller123 on 13. August 2018.
vaultdweller123 on 13. August 2018.
its delayed u fucktards! what the fucking perfect snyc u talkin about?
bshady on 12. August 2018.
this doesnt sync with the YIFY 1080p.Bluray version
cheddar265 on 10. August 2018.
Delayed by 2 seconds 1080p super cut for me
Charli3 on 9. August 2018.
This subtitle is great as well as the movie :D
gaaneskmr on 9. August 2018.
thank u
Damnskippy1234 on 9. August 2018.
Little delayed for the YTS.am 1080 Bluray. But works perfect. You just need to adjust the sync (I use VLC)
deisesmachine on 9. August 2018.
OR you can use subshifter (http://subshifter.bitsnbites.eu/) to re-sync the subs.
jojobaba on 9. August 2018.
@deisesmachine WOW thanks for this link. works perfectly to re-sync subs!!
ijhtio on 8. August 2018.
good for Deadpool.2.2018.1080p.WEBRip.x264-[YTS.AM]
we can always trust sub
PeterHacker on 8. August 2018.
Perfect Sync Thanks Bro
keeno on 8. August 2018.
thank u=)